Reviews of "Don't Be Outfoxed" program and "The Fox Behind the Chatterbox" book

"We have been searching for a book on internet safety for the 4-C Lending Libraries that young children could relate to and understand.  We found the perfect book in The Fox Behind the Chatterbox and have purchased over 200 as of July 2009. The author's use of animals to make her point is masterful and the illustrations are engaging and appealing to young children.  It's a book that every parent should read with their child as they teach about internet safety.  Thank you Anne & Chelsea for using your talents to help keep children safe!"

Micki Chulick, Executive Director, 4-C of DeKalb County, Illinois.

"Thank you for writing a wonderful lesson for children. The Fox Behind the Chatterbox really presents an important object lesson for children in a comfortable way. Adults will find it easier to discuss a very topical lesson, using the book as a foundation. I bought a copy for my two grandchildren who are very computer literate. Your story helps to ease what otherwise would be a very hard object lesson to discuss with children. You have given the gift of allowing children to be aware of what could be a very bad, frightening situation. Through the story you capture the life lesson for children in a comfortable way - not so scary a situation that they won't talk about it. Thanks for sharing your creative storytelling talent."
John Rey, Development Director, Family Service Agency of DeKalb County, Illinois.

"Anne presents a sensitive subject to school children masterfully.  Through interactive dialogue and questioning Anne engages students in the topic of internet safety while entertaining them with a well written story.  This was by far was one of the best author visits I have participated in." 
Jennifer Parsons, 3rd Grade Teacher North Elementary, Sycamore, Illinois.

"Ms. Matalonis captures all the essential ingredients that a predator utilizes to "lure" our children; entice, groom and engage.  She did this in the form of a charming tale that children can relate to and parents and teachers can utilize to educate. This book allowed me to elicit and engage my child in conversation while reading it and long after we turned the pages.  I would highly recommend "The Fox Behind the Chatterbox" to educators, counselors and parents alike.  It is a book that should be a part of everyone's "toolbox" to help start the conversation in keeping our children safe from the potential dangers of online communication."
Kristen K. Powell, MS, LPC

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