"The Fox Behind the Chatterbox" book by Anne Matalonis

As Chickabella quietly watched her new farm family, she was unaware that a very unwelcome visitor quietly watched her. It was Tricky Vick, the slyest, sneakiest fox in all the woods, with a hungry appetite for farm-fresh eggs. Can a fox convince a chicken into believing he's a chicken too?

Samantha James wants to chat on-line and make new friends all over the world. But her parent's won't allow it. Don't they trust her? Upset and confused, Sam turns to her grandmother for advice. Through the sneaky antics of Tricky Vick as the fox behind the Chatterbox, Sam and her younger brother Zach, soon discover how easy it is to be tricked by someone you can't see! Read The Fox Behind the Chatterbox and learn why it's important to never keep friendships a secret, give out personal information over the internet, or agree to meet an online stranger in person.

"Thank you for writing a wonderful lesson for children. The Fox Behind the Chatterbox really presents an important object lesson for children in a comfortable way. Adults will find it easier to discuss a very topical lesson, using the book as a foundation. I bought a copy for my two grandchildren who are very computer literate. Your story helps to ease what otherwise would be a very hard object lesson to discuss with children. You have given the gift of allowing children to be aware of what could be a very bad, frightening situation. Through the story you capture the life lesson for children in a comfortable way - not so scary a situation that they won't talk about it. Thanks for sharing your creative storytelling talent."
John Rey, Community Leader, DeKalb County, Illinois.

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