An internet predator is just like a fox. With great patience and persistence, they use sly, sneaky tricks to lure their prey into a dangerous situation.

Today's children have the world at their fingertips with over ninety million children accessing the internet every day. In fact, beginning as early as three years of age, children turn to the Internet as a primary source of entertainment and information. Unfortunately it is also the number one source for predators to solicit children. There are an estimated 644,000 sex offenders in our society and well over 10,000 lost in the system (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2008). The odds of a child being solicited by an internet predator are 1 in 7! ( And, only 25% of the children approached by a predator told a parent! (Online Victimization, NCMEC, June 2000).

Developing safe online practices now is the key to preventing potentially serious situations from occurring in the future. Prevention is the number one method to keeping children safe as they grow and learn. Studies continue to demonstrate that kids whose parents simply talk to them about internet safety display significantly safer online habits; they are less likely to look at inappropriate content, talk to strangers, and experience cyber bullying while online (enough is

About the Book

The Fox Behind the Chatterbox provides parents, care-givers and educators with a unique prevention tool on internet safety. Unlike other children's books, this charming story embraces the use of the internet and potential dangers associated with online communication. "We have been searching for a book on internet safety that young children could relate to and understand. We found the perfect book in The Fox Behind the Chatterbox. The author's use of animals to make her point is masterful and the illustrations are engaging and appealing to young children," states child advocate Mrs. Micki Chulick, Executive Director, 4-C, DeKalb, Illinois.

Key points covered in the book are:

  • Why it's important to never keep a friendship a secret.
  • The importance of keeping personal information and pictures off the internet.
  • The dangers of agreeing to meet someone in person.

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About the Program

A complement to the book is an internet safety program called Don't Be Outfoxed Online! ™. It offers the perfect supplement to curriculums centered on social issues and internet safety education. There are two versions of the program; a student program designed primarily for third, fourth and fifth graders, and an adult program for parents, grandparents, teachers and all other care-givers. Through visual effects, interactive discussions and a book reading, children learn social responsibilities associated with online safety. The adult version of Don't Be Outfoxed Online! ™ includes a more in-depth look at predator tactics and prevention tips.

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